Valleys are important!

Have you ever been knocked down? You know what I mean… Life happens unexpectedily and you are forced to sit quietly and reflect on all that has happened. I’ve been in that place.

In the last past 13 days I have had to deal with many unfortunate things during these days including my son getting very ill (he is now doing a little better). This place created a “valley moment” both for me and my family.

You know what a valley is… It is the place in the middle of two mountains. It is the place that is often times associated with difficulty, pressure, weight, and isolation. But, what I am learning is that valleys (too) can be a place of tremendous blessing.

How? Because valleys give you deep perspective about life, your personal internal climate, and lessons for for your life’s toolbox. After much prayer and support, my son is doing a little better, and is being scheduled to see a specialist to run more tests for his condition.

What am I gaining from this tough moment? That’s simple. Valleys are important because they cause you to refocus on things that matter most, forge tighter relationships with people who are present, and glean strength and insight on how to continue the journey of life.

If you are in a valley moment, look for the gold in your circumstances. It is treasure that is often times hidden underneath the rubble.



Plant Love Campaign

We are approaching a historic month for #lovebeyondwalls! Why? Because in the month of April we will occupy our first office/slash storage space. Below is a picture if you have seen it yet:

2014-03-21 09.08.41-3

Of course it is not a gigantic building, but it will be something we call a headquarters & home.

It will be a “launchpad” for the work we would like to continue doing in our city (ATL), country, and world.

It will be a place where we can get planted and grow as an organization. We ask that you do four specific things to help us get planted into our new office/storage space in the month of April (whole month).

1) Pray – I ask that you pray that God allows us to get planted, and immediately continue to reach people who do not have any hope.

2) Give – I ask that you look at our simple “wish list” and contribute in of the items on it that we need. This is ALL from scratch, so we will need your help. But, if we have to spend the first month on the floor with laptops working, we are cool with that too. LOL. Simply click [HERE] to visit our “wish list” page.

3) Volunteer  – We will post the days that we will start working on the building to clean it, and make minor repairs to it. We ask that you volunteer to help get our building together. We will need help getting organized, painting, etc. Why? As we get planted, we can help more people.

4) Share our story – If you know someone who could help us move forward, share our story. You never know who “you know” that we can help, or could help us.

Thank you for reading this blog. Pray for #lovebeyondwalls as we aim to “PLANT LOVE” in the city of Atlanta! Below is the graphic for the new campaign #plantlove

plantlove-office-instagram Terence