Can You Feel The Excitement?

Guess what? We have teamed up with Matt Heath Music to create original score music for our documentary “Voiceless” and we are pretty pumped about it.

In fact, we are excited to announce that “Voiceless” will become a feature length documentary and will be used to educate people about the realities of the poor, cast vision of how we plan to address poverty through our “Love Center” concept, and inspire people all across our nation to get involved in their local communities through service and sacrifice.

Below is a quick picture of us working on the project in the studio. We can’t wait to start launching screenings all around our city.

























LBW Team



HE HAS SHELTER: Today, Johnny and I made our way downtown to engage people experiencing homelessness and to see how we could serve them in this cold weather.

Little did we know we’d meet Ronald and spend hours with him. Ronald has only been homeless for a month after serving 31 years in prison.

We sat and talked as Ronald poured out his heart about how much he missed his family and how he’d have to find somewhere to sleep tonight (maybe behind buildings).

He shivered as he told us more of his life’s story. He shared how he had no friends or family left because they all passed away while he was in prison. He even shed tears about making wrong choices as a twenty year old, and confessed his heart to get it right like “mamma said…”

After talking, we took him to @lovebeyondwalls and surprised him with this mini shelter. His eyes watered up as he kept saying over and over, “tonight I can finally rest without having to wake up and watch my surroundings.” Did we end his homelessness? No.

Did we become his friend? Yes. We ensured he had place to stay that’s warm until our organization can develop next steps for him. He kept saying, “I have a house now…”

With all that’s going on in the world, I thank God for allowing us to meet another friend who needed a friend. Tonight we provided shelter for one. Who knows in the future it may be many!

Challenging 5K People To Love The Poor – MAP16

This past Sunday, we were invited to share our #MAP16 story in Shreveport, LA [Shreveport Convention Center] to over 5K people!

Not only did we get a chance to share some of our clips, but we challenged people to consider the poor, understand the realities of the poor, and create margin in their personal lives to notice people.

We are excited about starting our editing process this week as we prepare to share our March Against Poverty story with the world. 

During this season, take time to notice those who are poor, and consider what really matters.15283987_10210013003913216_7598884593685404635_n

LBW Team

Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta & Pathways Magazine – A Movement of Doers!

“Love is a powerful force,” Terence explains. “God is love, and we are on a mission to take that love into places where there is darkness and hopelessness, despondency and all those different things keeping people in the cycle of being oppressed.”

Check out the story of those we help on @episcopalatl’s website to read our story! Or, simply click the picture below.15267660_1211007605603069_6122602230087936408_n

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MAP16 Ending at The King Memorial

Yesterday, Terence literally saw a sign that said 44 miles until Washington, DC. We are estimating that it will take 4 more days for Terence & Johnny to arrive at the finish line. 

Earlier this week, we received our official permit to end at the march/walk at the King Memorial to do a press conference on poverty in the U.S. (in partnership with the SCLC)

If you’d like to meet us there, we’ll see you in Washington in 4 DAYS.

The image below contain the information you need.map16finishlinesclc
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