See Beautiful Grant Recipient

We are honored to announce that Love Beyond Walls is the recent recipient of a philanthropic grant for $5000 through the organization, See Beautiful

See Beautiful empowers & educates individuals to see the beauty in themselves and others while supporting causes to create a better world. 

Through our grant partnership, we are able to bring the safety of sanitation to vulnerable populations as well as other vital resources to ensure quality of life and instill dignity. 

How beautiful is that? 

This partnership will support:

  1. Over 150,000 people experiencing homelessness the ability to wash their hands daily; keeping them safer from COVID-19.
  2. Granting access for people experiencing homelessness to community, emergency food services, laundry facilities, hair cuts, school uniforms for their children, suits for job interviews, and overnight stays to support them in their goal to be self-sufficient.
  3. The development and dissemination of our Dignity Museum into a virtual experience to encourage and support empathetic growth among our communities.

A world full of equity, justice, and inclusivity is a beautiful world. Together, Love Beyond Walls and See Beautiful are making the world a more beautiful place for ALL of us to live in.

LBW Team

27 Cities + Love Sinks In

Our #LoveSinksIn campaign has officially reached 27 cities (providing sanitation around the U.S. and Canada)!

By the end of the week, we will reach 30 cities. If you don’t see your city and you would love to partner with us, reach out.

We are also excited to announce that we have officially reached our first country outside of the U.S. We have partnered with two groups to install sinks in Canada.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to each of you who have supported and carried ‘Love Sinks In.’ Together, we can take handwashing across the world.

LBW Team

Eugene Speaks – Love Sinks In

We met Eugene underneath a bridge for the #LoveSinksIn campaign.

“You don’t know if you’re going to live in the next minute…the next hour…you don’t know.”

We’re grateful to have met Eugene, and are currently working with him to help him recover his ID and housing.

LBW Team

We’re Hiring + Emergency Development Coordinator

We are currently seeking an Emergency COVID-19 Response Development Coordinator (EDC) to assist us in our successful mobile hand sanitation efforts expanding nationwide.

This is currently an Emergency 6-month position with potential to transition into a longterm position.

To apply please follow these three basic steps:

  1. Take the synergist quiz (
  2. Answer these two questions: How do you think you would add value to LBW? Why do you want to join this organization?
  3. Attached these answered questions to your resume and submit by 5/21 (midnight is the cutoff)

Please send all completed action items to

Basic Job Description 

Love Beyond Walls is a non-profit in Atlanta, Georgia serving people currently experiencing homelessness or living in extreme poverty by providing visibility, shelter, community, grooming and support services as stepping-stones toward self-sufficiency.

Purpose & Scope of work: We are currently seeking an Emergency COVID-19 Response Development Coordinator (EDC) to assist us in our successful mobile hand sanitation efforts expanding nationwide. The EDC will collaborate directly with the Executive Director (ED) to help grow our mobile hand sanitation efforts and increase sustainability and transparency with corporate and non-profit partners. The EDC will work to secure corporate funding and partnerships to sustain the program, as well as providing content that elicits transparency around our successful efforts. This is currently an Emergency 6-month position with potential to transition into a long-term position. 

Soft Skills: The EDC must be passionate about serving people living in vulnerable populations and committed to the efforts of Love Beyond Walls to serve with people as they take steps toward self-sufficiency. The EDC must have an innovative, positive, and collaborative work ethic to think outside the box to meet emerging and unprecedented needs during COVID-19.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the ED to design content and implement Love Beyond Walls plans and procedures for our mobile hand sanitizing stations;
  • Oversee development of Love Beyond Walls and the work of team leaders;
  • Meet comprehensive, progressive goals for expanding our mobile hand sanitizing stations;
  • Secure corporate sponsorship and fiscal support to continue our expansion efforts;
  • Provide innovative and creative insight into our work to better serve people currently experiencing homelessness or people living in extreme poverty during a crisis; and
  • Collaborate with public officials to secure approval and celebration of our successful hand sanitation efforts.

Education and Experience: At least 5-10 years of experience serving people experiencing homelessness or living in extreme poverty; documented experience working in the non-profit or education sector; experience with successful grant writing. Preferred University degree.

Job Knowledge, Competencies & Skills: Experience successfully collaborating and running a team; understanding of non-profit functioning; Demonstrable competencies in planning, performance and operation metrics; excellent leadership and collaboration abilities.

LBW Team


#GivingTuesdayNow & Love Beyond Walls


During this difficult time, Love Beyond Walls is continuing to work to meet the basic needs of people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19. In the last six weeks, our #LoveSinksIn campaign has served thousands of people experiencing homelessness across multiple states.

At a time when we are all experiencing this unprecedented pandemic in different ways, generosity and service to each other, is what brings us together. 

Generosity gives everyone the power to make a positive change in the lives of others. Will you join us in making a difference in our community for #GivingTuesdayNow?

Here are some ways you can join our efforts:

Make a donation so that we can continue working to support more people on the streets.

Sponsor a sink for our #LoveSinksIn campaign.

Spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues about why Love Beyond Walls is important to you.

Don’t forget to tag @LoveBeyondWalls!

LBW Team

Handwashing Stations in Ohio & Texas

This week, we partnered with a shelter and the YMCA in Columbus, OH to serve women and children with handwashing stations.

Additionally, we planted the first round of stations in Austin, Texas in partnership with Hope Community Church Austin & The Immigration Coalition.

The beginning of next week, we are planting stations in New York and New Jersey to work with teams on the ground to serve people experiencing homelessness.

Thank you to those of you that support our work. We are working to take handwashing across America.

LBW Team

PPE for Essential Workers

Great news! We just forged a partnership with a logistics company here in Atlanta that is going to help us secure KN95 non-medical masks to distribute to people experiencing homelessness and essential workers on the frontlines.

Next week, we should be getting a couple thousand to start helping to protect people.

The CDC has mandated that every single person wears a mask!

Details to follow.

LBW Team

Frontline Volunteering + Handwashing

Today, we celebrate volunteers like Taye that help us maintain the cleanliness of the Handwashing Stations in one of our locations. He selflessly volunteers weekly to ensure stations are sanitized for the community that we love.

Taye, we salute your service!

LBW Team

Progress! Progress! Progress!

In one week, we have raised 30 sinks for our “Love Sinks In” campaign. Our goal is to install 100 sinks around the city.

Could you help us make this happen? 

It costs about $100 dollars to assemble this important station. This could literally save lives.

Our work with this campaign will not be finished until we have successfully installed wash stations in the highest homeless traffic areas across this nation. I always say, service isn’t an event; it’s a lifestyle.

So, there is still much work to be done. We are challenging mayors and cities to help us address an invisible population.

What we are doing now, is giving homeless people access to soap and water; which is a basic human right. We hope to have 10 cities agree to join us in this initiative in the next 45 days.

Over the next 2-3 months, we plan to raise more and keep planting sinks to give people experiencing homelessness protection.

Check out the video below of how this all started!