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At the core of Love Beyond Walls, we're dedicated to changing the narrative around homelessness and poverty by meeting people right where they are.

Proximity allows us to build meaningful relationships and provide immediate relief, addressing essential needs like food, clothing, water, temporary shelter, laundry, and wellness services.

Powered by volunteers, our work isn’t just about distributing aid—it’s about educating the community on the importance of service, which in turn enriches the lives of those who stand in need.

Interested in contributing? Check out our campaigns to see how you can get involved.

The Clean Project

Born from a dire need for personal hygiene resources for the unhoused, The Clean Break Project establishes self-sustaining shower units in strategic locations. By collaborating with local organizations, we’re able to bring this basic, dignity-restoring resource to those without access to showers around the clock.


ReFrame trains local and national groups to serve vulnerable communities effectively. With a core focus on empathy and belonging, the program equips leaders to think innovatively and offers solutions to societal issues. Our training modules include real-world case studies, role-playing scenarios, and community engagement activities, all aimed at breaking barriers and fostering connection.

Mobile Stay

Mobile Stay offers short-term housing solutions for individuals facing homelessness in Atlanta, ensuring a safe and dignified space to stay. In collaboration with local agencies, this program aims to provide immediate relief and connect people with resources for long-term stability.

Love Sinks In

Initiated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Love Sinks In aims to address the urgent need for sanitation among those experiencing homelessness through basic handwashing. By installing portable handwashing stations, we fill a vital public health gap while advocating for sustained access to hygiene resources as a societal norm.

Love Feeds

Operating like a pop-up grocery store, Love Feeds alleviates food insecurity for families in College Park, Hapeville, East Point, and Atlanta. Supporting 500-700 families monthly, we provide essential groceries, clothing, and hygiene products. Our mission extends beyond immediate relief by fostering community support and education on nutrition and self-sufficiency, ensuring a long-term impact.

Gather Atlanta

A monthly initiative, Gather Atlanta unites volunteers and community providers to offer essential resources—health screenings, laundry services, grooming, food access, and more—to underserved individuals in Atlanta, College Park, Hapeville, and East Point.
Gather Atlanta seeks to bring together people, churches, businesses, and organizations from various backgrounds to stand together in the spirit of togetherness to serve those who are in need.

Fund Love

Fund Love is a generosity initiative started by Love Beyond Walls to offer small financial gifts to innovative projects that we encounter. These projects aim to fill the world with love, grounded in the principles of dignity, justice, and belonging. By strategically investing in these initiatives, we amplify their reach and impact, inspiring a cycle of generosity that benefits communities at large


Dignity Museum offers an immersive, educational experience designed to challenge preconceptions about homelessness and poverty. Using storytelling, art, and technology, the museum provides a firsthand look into the lives of those facing these issues. Our interactive exhibits aim to humanize the statistics while deepening your understanding of the systemic factors that contribute to homelessness and poverty.

All Heart Wellness

Focused on making mental health care accessible, All Heart Wellness provides personalized counseling to underserved communities. Through one-on-one sessions, we offer a supportive space for emotional exploration, coping skills development, and goal setting. We also collaborate with local healthcare providers and community organizations to ensure comprehensive mental health care for our clients.

Our Story

We are committed to the people that the world passes by each day. We believe the people struggling with poverty have lives and stories that are just as valuable as ours.


Volunteering is truly about one life impacting another. There are so many ways to volunteer your time, gifts, and talents to help us serve communities nationally and locally.


Fear has no place in love. We strive to view everyone as an individual with a hopeful, better future. All humans are worthy of dignity and we desire to show the same unconditional love to each one of them.


Everything we do is because of generous donors that see value in our impact. We ask you to consider giving to our organization. All financial gifts will be used to continue to do work that reaches people where they are and share their stories.

Need Help? Find resources right around you.