The Dignity Museum shares the stories of the forgotten, while presenting the unjust causes for the disparity in resource allocation. The stories of those who were born into poverty, those who became homeless as adults, the kids holding cardboard signs at the stoplight, and their collective fight to beat their circumstances.

Through interactive technology, research, storytelling, exhibits, and thought-provoking questions, visitors will confront their ideas of homelessness and what it takes to escape it.

The museum is designed to take the guest through a journey to promote a hopeful future of equality, opportunity, and justice.

Challenge Stereotype

The first room of the museum challenges the visitor’s knowledge of homelessness—how people get there, how vulnerable many of us are, and the realities of homeless life and the challenges that prevent many from returning to their normal lives.

Create Empathy

Visitors are led into the heart of the museum, a rich media experience that simulated various aspects of homeless life. From places where the homeless eat and sleep, to the experience of a crowds averted gaze, this room is about letting visitors feel what it’s like to spend a few moments in their shoes.

Inspire Action

Emerging from the enclosed Create Empathy room, visitors enter a room and think about what they can contribute to make our world a better place. Here, visitors are informed of the available resources and what non-profits can do to help local homeless.

Step inside the Dignity Museum and understand the terrible conditions that people have to endure every single day as they wrestle with poverty and homelessness.

This tour features:

  • This tour features:
  • Life-changing imagery and portraits
  • Personal Stories
  • Information about poverty
  • Memorabilia
  • Personalized talk
  • Audio and Virtual Experiences
  • Interactive Activities
  • Dignity Museum merchandise (optional)
  • Voiceless Documentary Screening/Breakout Session
  • Q & A session


Dignity Museum offers a fully guided tour with leaders committed to social change. The tour is a social learning experience as a way of gaining deeper insights into the issues of poverty and homelessness.

Your tour fee will empower us to build a fully curated center and social hub to mobilize people around the country. Additionally, when you tour the museum it will empower us to host a group of students to visit our museum for free.

Tour duration: 60 or 120 minutes

Traveling Exhibitions

Dignity Museum is very unique in that it is housed in a shipping container, and has the flexibility of being transported to various places around the city or country. We hope to partner with like-hearted organizations and persons to bring it to unique spaces to educate people on the go.

If you are an organization or school interested in bringing this living museum to your space, feel free to reach out to us.

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Visit Dignity Museum today, and be part of the movement to demystify the stereotypes of those faced with homelessness and poverty.

Dignity Museum can take either small or large groups on a social, learning immersive, experiential tour.

Help us shape our communities and future social impact leaders.

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Your support is key in helping us to educate and mobilize people to lift individuals out of homelessness and poverty.

Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission?

Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to bring more attention to those caught in homelessness.


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We are committed to the people that the world passes by each day. We believe the people struggling with poverty have lives and stories that are just as valuable as ours.


As an organization that focuses on building people up, we ask that you consider joining our team by volunteering and sharing your gifts with others.


Fear has no place in love. We strive to view everyone as an individual with a hopeful, better future. All humans are worthy of dignity and we desire to show the same unconditional love to each one of them.


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