Days 71- 73 – Serving the Community!

Jesus makes a bold statement that resonates deeply with #lovebeyondwalls every time we go and and engage the community. He said, “For even the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many (Mark 10:45, NKJV).”

Not only did Jesus see his life as a sacrifice, he saw it as something that would benefit others. 

This past weekend was awesome because we mobilized 27 volunteers to serve over 70 families in College Park Housing Authority apartments. Not only did we encounter great need, we encountered people whom God loves.

Could you imagine not having food in your refrigerator and not knowing how or where your next meal was coming from? This is what we encountered and more… It was eye-opening to discover the poverty that exists right in the communities around us. 

After serving, we got a chance to pray with and for many people, build relationships in that community, and schedule our next serve date.

Guess what?

We are now doing a cookout in these apartments on the 26th of July! We’re going to engage over 200 people from this community with the love of God and food. To learn more, email us at

Below are a few pictures from our serving!

Serve Collage

LBW Team

Day 68 – Sleeves too Short

Today, makes 68 DAYS in one outfit! To be honest, I have personally washed this uniform over 60 times and now my sleeves don’t fit… Super humbling journey for #closetstrike.

As I continue, I am encouraged to go the distant because I know children feel embarrassed to wear clothes that can’t fit anymore. 68 days down, 22 to go!



DAY 60 – Milestone

Today, I made 60 DAYS in one outfit… That’s two months or 1,440 hours. I only have 30 days left in one outfit to raise uniforms for kids in four schools who will struggle in their closets. #lovebeyondwalls has vowed to adopt four schools [READ HERE TO FIND OUT SCHOOLS] to resource over 200 students who may need a help in their closets this coming school year.

It has been a long sixty days in this one outfit, but I’m not stopping until @lovebeyondwalls resources every single child…

As you can see, my shoes are busted and my uniform has collected tons of stains… This has been both embarrassing and rewarding! Why? Because I’m following what Christ would do… I’ll release my first video tonight explaining why I started this journey… 



Day 49 Whatever you do, don't stop!

49 DAYS ago, I made a commitment to help four Title 1 schools raise uniforms to assist students who struggle with resources in their closets throughout the school year. To do this, I have given away ever article of clothing I own, and only left myself one outfit to walk in the shoes of many students that wear the same thing every single day.

However, today I am tired… I have been wearing this one outfit to every single thing: I’ve worn it to workout, to meetings, to work, to sleep (once or twice), on trips, etc. Although, this outfit has grown on me, it is scary looking forward. I don’t know if we will raise the other 200 uniforms needed by the end of July and I don’t know where or how I will replace the clothes that I gave away.

It really is a very unique journey, and one of the most challenging I have had to endure!

However, I keep asking myself, “Is it worth it?” And honestly, the only answer I could come up with is–YES! It is because this will start a resource closet to service four under resourced schools.

I don’t know how this will come together over the next 41 DAYS, but I definitely have a “don’t stop mentality.” What is a don’t stop mentality? It contains three specific things:

1) Big picture reflection – This keeps you focused on the entire picture at large. When you are focused, this helps you maintain a right perspective on your journey.

2) Small celebrations – This allows you to celebrate where you are, and what you have been able to accomplish toward the bigger picture.

3) Focused solutions – This allows you to remain focused on the needs that you are priviledged to serve.

Wherever you are, whatever project you have going on…. join me in refusing to stop! Stay focused, and have a resolve to go the distance.

If you would like to know how you could contribute, read [HERE]LBW-UniformDonationsLATL


Days 43-46 It's Official

Yesterday, #lovebeyondwalls received the official letter stating that it has been approved to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Not only is this exciting, it is an awesome opportunity to continue serving those who do not have a voice, and those who need help and assistance.


Additionally, today makes the 46th DAY I have been wearing one outfit to raise awareness about Title 1 students that attend school sometimes every single day with only one outfit. Help us raise the resources needed to build closets in Title 1 Schools [HERE]