Small Steps Count!

Since we silently launched this organization, we have gotten off to a good start. We have successfully partnered with two churches, and five Elementary Schools. We envision being a non-profit/agency that builds bridges between people, raises awareness of societal needs, and collaborates with others to provide solutions for the problems that exist in the world around us. We firmly believe that if Jesus were still walking the earth, He’d be in the trenches doing work, building bridges, and discipling people where they were!

Over the last eight days, we have identified 10 Elementary Schools we are seeking to partner with (for our first social campaign) in 2014, and have officially become a partner with 5 schools:

Riverdale Elementary (Clayton)

Mt. Zion Primary (Clayton)

Fountain Elementary (Clayton)

E. J. Swint Elementary (Clayton)

Harmony Leland Elementary (Cobb)





We still have meetings set up with multiple schools on the list, and are hoping to partner with 5 more schools. If you are reading this, keep our organization in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to take small steps toward resourcing under-resourced students with “uniforms of hope.”

Lastly, if you have any referrals for schools (K-5) who need support, please shoot us an email on our contact page. We cannot do this alone!


Loving the Homeless!

Homelessness is not a wall between those who have, and those who don’t have! Everyone should be respected, and loved. Every year (for the last eight years), our family has mobilized people to serve and love on Atlanta’s homeless population. Why? Because there was a time when I personally experienced homelessness! This year, we are serving the weekend before Christmas! If you’d like to join us, contact us directly.



Uniforms of Hope!

Love Beyond Walls is partnering with a major uniform supplier to design a uniform to resource ten Elementary Schools in Georgia that need extra help with uniforms. We are developing a one-for-one system simalar to TOMS.

Over the weekend, we received the first mock up from one of our designers! We are aiming to launch our first crowd-funding campaign to initiate 100 uniforms to be shipped to multiple schools the first of the year. Below is an example of the uniform that will be shipped.

LBW Team


The Silent Uniform Crisis!

Over the last few years, I (Terence) have done extensive work in urban, inner city, Title 1 school settings. Not to pat myself on the back, but because often times these schools have tremendous need (whether educational, social, physiological, etc). And, sometimes the funding that is received by these schools (Title 1) are not enough to meet every academic and social need its community may have.

Recently, I discovered a “silent” epidemic that hasn’t gotten much attention! The epidemic is simply this–there are some students who attend schools (K-5) either improperly dressed, under-dressed, or wearing the same attire 3-4 times a week. This happens when a family does not have the resources to purchase new uniforms, clothes, or does not have the resourceful connections to provide for their children.

Guess what? When this happens, the child suffers, is sometimes embarrassed, lacks confidence, and disconnects with the lesson. Next year, our organization (#lovebeyondwalls) is going to put on a social campaign to resource schools across the country who have this problem among their students, and lack the means to address and supply these students/families with extra support.

If you are reading this, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we dream to connect dots to provide solutions for those students and families who need the extra help with “student attire” in grades K-5. We are advocates for education!



Taking first steps!

In 2014, we plan on doing intentional work in the educational sector of our society. Our goal is to partner with multiple Title 1 schools (K-5) to advocate for students, and raise awareness about many of the social challenges they face. Yesterday, we were giving leads to 10 schools through a relationship we established in 2011. In January, we will release our first biggest campaign to advocate for students who attend Title 1 schools.

LBW Team

The Beginning!

This is Love Beyond Walls first post! We are excited about the journey God has for us ahead. If you you are reading this, spread the word.

LBW Team