Plant Love Campaign

We are approaching a historic month for #lovebeyondwalls! Why? Because in the month of April we will occupy our first office/slash storage space. Below is a picture if you have seen it yet:

2014-03-21 09.08.41-3

Of course it is not a gigantic building, but it will be something we call a headquarters & home.

It will be a “launchpad” for the work we would like to continue doing in our city (ATL), country, and world.

It will be a place where we can get planted and grow as an organization. We ask that you do four specific things to help us get planted into our new office/storage space in the month of April (whole month).

1) Pray – I ask that you pray that God allows us to get planted, and immediately continue to reach people who do not have any hope.

2) Give – I ask that you look at our simple “wish list” and contribute in of the items on it that we need. This is ALL from scratch, so we will need your help. But, if we have to spend the first month on the floor with laptops working, we are cool with that too. LOL. Simply click [HERE] to visit our “wish list” page.

3) Volunteer  – We will post the days that we will start working on the building to clean it, and make minor repairs to it. We ask that you volunteer to help get our building together. We will need help getting organized, painting, etc. Why? As we get planted, we can help more people.

4) Share our story – If you know someone who could help us move forward, share our story. You never know who “you know” that we can help, or could help us.

Thank you for reading this blog. Pray for #lovebeyondwalls as we aim to “PLANT LOVE” in the city of Atlanta! Below is the graphic for the new campaign #plantlove

plantlove-office-instagram Terence

The Countdown Begins (DAYS 9&8 THREE SIMPLE THINGS)


Below are the three simple things you should know about the walk

1) Homeless in parking lot – On Feb 28th, I will sleep in a tent in Crossroads Church parking lot (Douglasville, GA) the night before I walk 30 miles to raise awareness. You are welcome to join me to sleep outside that night in the parking lot.

2) Waking up early – On March 1st, I will wake up from my (hopefully) restful night, and begin walking at 4AM to raise awareness of homelessness in the city of ATL, and across this country. Why? To give homeless people a voice, to raise shoes (1K), and to hopefully raise some funds to get us a storage place for a year to house all donations.

3) Meet me – I am walking the entire Bankhead HWY… So, at any point you want to join in, please do. Or, if you want to wait until I get close to the city, join in on the last mile on North Side Dr.

Below is a graphic restating these three simple things! We are eight days away before #lovebeyondwalls give a “VOICE FOR HOMELESSNESS!”



5 Reasons I'm Glad to Be a Father

This morning,

I walked into my son’s room, and just stood over him watching… Of course he was sleeping, but I just stood there in awe that he turned three years of age this morning. Let’s sing….”Happy Biiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrthhhhhh day toooooooo yoooooooou” I’m joking.

2013-09-29 08.36.36-2However, not only did reflect on the privilege I have been given to father both my children, I started to thank God for the opportunity he has given me with my children… God is allowing me to give my children some of the things I lacked growing up (we ALL lacked things…).

As I stood and watched, I jotted down five reasons I am glad to be a father to my children. Do you want to see my list? Here goes:

1) Children need fathers. Fathers have a special precence and voice in the life of a child. A grown man can break down from hearing his father say, “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” after not hearing it all his life… When the voice of a father goes lacking, children are left to rely on other things to fill those voids. Therefore, children need fathers or some type of male presence in their life.

2) Children need models. I’m not perfect by far, but I am glad the I have a chance to share, mentor, teach, and model things in our home that can be gleaned by my children. I truly believe in shared equal responsibilities between a husband and wife, but a father can set the tone for the house in many ways. In fact, it seems like my children attempt to do things that I do already… I’m just glad I have the opportunity not to be perfect before them, but to be before them doing the best I can…

3) Children need support. When children grow up without the proper support system, it’s easy to be emotionally damaged, or lose a sense of direction and self. A father can play a huge role in this area lending their voce, experience, and unconditional love to his child(ren)…This can provide guidance, wisdom, and insight along the way.

4) Children need time. Of course we all have busy schedules, technology, calendars, and a number of other things to do, but quality time from a father helps the child feel that “love” is present. I love interacting with my children because it lets them know that they are both special and valuable.

5) Children need a spiritual foundation. As a father, I am glad that I have a chance to not only model but teach and redirect. I have leaned a lot from bumping my head, and making wrong decisions. All of that experience enables me to teach my children what to do, and what not to do… With that being said, I am making it a priority to make sure they develop a spiritual foundation and learn about the God of the universe. Why? Because even though my wife and I are there, it is God almighty that will unfold their lives.

With that being said, I am grateful that I am a father to Zion Joy & Terence II!