When you look at a beautiful building, what do you see? Do you see only the structure, the beautiful design, the landscape, or the square footage? Or, do you allow your mind to think deeper about the many pieces holding the building together? In most cases, we never think beyond the surface about the screws, nails, framing, sheetrock, foundation, beams, and many other elements providing support for any structure to stand tall. But, the things that aren’t seen are actually the elements that make the building beautiful.

This past weekend, I pondered the MANY elements that go unseen at #lovebeyondwalls! In fact, it is the things that are not seen that make our organization beautiful. The volunteers that give their blood, sweat, and tears to our work is what make our organization stand. It’s not because I do adventurous things to raise awareness. Without the donors, volunteers, and people who pray for us we wouldn’t exist.

As a leader, I understand this profound statement, “If you want to travel somewhere fast, go alone. If you want to travel somewhere far, travel with a good group of people.” That’s what we’ve encountered. A good group of people.

Not only did we serve many families diapers this past weekend, we got a chance to pray for and with many families (hard workers) who only needed a push and encouragement because times were rough. Our volunteers set up, handed diapers out, and also sorted to make this happen. This is the beauty behind the scenes that help us move forward to have a great building. One story that really touched my heart was the family that only had eight diapers left, and literally did not know what they were going to do. Because people serve to make our structure great, we were able to bless this family.

Below are some pictures of what took place because a supporter and donor helped us with tons of diapers! I leave you with this, “If you are attempting to lead anything significant. It takes an army to do anything great!” I am grateful for the army God is surrounding us with at @lovebeyondwalls.

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2014-08-09 08.26.51Terence

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