Today is literally the 59th DAY of me wearing one outfit! I can’t believe I’ve been able to go so long (as I miss my other clothes). That’s 1,416 hours… The hardest challenge about wearing the same outfit has been the embarrassment. People have literally seen me in this outfit everywhere…

Oh, and I have gotten some mean mugs, and cold stares. But, I have learned how to ignore them. I can only imagine how children feel who have to endure this treatment from their peers. Especially when they had no say in the poverty that they are faced with…  You don’t believe me about the embarrassment, well here is a picture of my shoes that are starting to become busted…


So far, we have not met our goal, but I am confident that we will meet it. Starting tomorrow, I will release videos to share this story more to raise the last 170 uniforms needed to jumpstart the closets in four under resourced schools we are partnering with to build uniform closets.

If you would like to donate, I ask that you read the #closetstrike story [HERE]


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