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MAP16 Ending at The King Memorial

Yesterday, Terence literally saw a sign that said 44 miles until Washington, DC. We are estimating that it will take 4 more days for Terence & Johnny to arrive at the finish line. 

Earlier this week, we received our official permit to end at the march/walk at the King Memorial to do a press conference on poverty in the U.S. (in partnership with the SCLC)

If you’d like to meet us there, we’ll see you in Washington in 4 DAYS.

The image below contain the information you need.map16finishlinesclc
LBW Team

MAP16 – 10 Days Away

The official 10 DAY countdown to Marching Against Poverty 2016 campaign has begun.

In 10 days, we will walk from Atlanta to DC in hopes to provide a voice to the voiceless, share the stories of those who might otherwise go untold and raise resources to build our very own #LoveCenter, a safe haven and resource center for those in need. The send off will begin from the SCLC building in the heart of the city [30 yards from where Martin Luther King’s office used to be].

The send off will take place on August 20th at 10AM at this address [320 Auburn Ave. Atlanta, GA, 30303]

Get involved! Join us on the Journey!

Follow the conversation! #MAP16 #LoveBeyondWalls #LoveCenter
LBW Team

Love Beyond Walls Honored at SCLC

This past Saturday, our starters (Terence & Cecilia Lester) received a social advocacy award at the 58th National SCLC Convention for the work we do at Love Beyond Walls. The theme of the entire convention was centered around the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King’s “Poor People’s Campaign.”

It gave us great joy because in 25 days we will launch #MAP16 to give those who are suffering a voice. Get involved! Join us on the Journey!

Follow the conversation! #MAP16 #LoveBeyondWalls #LoveCenter13709895_10208801702031426_171280199834763287_n




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