Progress! Progress! Progress!

In one week, we have raised 30 sinks for our “Love Sinks In” campaign. Our goal is to install 100 sinks around the city.

Could you help us make this happen? 

It costs about $100 dollars to assemble this important station. This could literally save lives.

Our work with this campaign will not be finished until we have successfully installed wash stations in the highest homeless traffic areas across this nation. I always say, service isn’t an event; it’s a lifestyle.

So, there is still much work to be done. We are challenging mayors and cities to help us address an invisible population.

What we are doing now, is giving homeless people access to soap and water; which is a basic human right. We hope to have 10 cities agree to join us in this initiative in the next 45 days.

Over the next 2-3 months, we plan to raise more and keep planting sinks to give people experiencing homelessness protection.

Check out the video below of how this all started!


Planted Stations + LBW Partners with Lecrae

Yesterday, we partnered with Lecrae and a few volunteers to assemble portable handwashing stations to plant them in Atlanta.

Immediately, people started washing their hands and expressed gratitude for this opportunity they haven’t been given. Since handwashing is a requirement, this is our small effort to protect people experiencing homelessness.

Thank you to those of you that donated. This has made national news and people have reached out from around the country to do similar efforts. We have raised enough to create 20 more stations.

It costs about $100 dollars to build these, you can give by clicking [HERE]! We are going to start shipping these across the country. This could literally save lives.


Chilly + Be Kind

“My name is Chilly. I’ve been in the hospital for three months. I just got out and have been living on the streets since I don’t have enough money to get home to my wife.”

“I’ve had people say all kinds of mean things to me. Some people will just say they got nothing for me, but one guy pulled a pistol on me and told me to get away from his car. But it’s ok, cause there’s always some good people out there.”

“My wife is my everything. She’s what keeps me going out her. Herand God. She had a stroke so she depends on me to take care of her. I’m just trying to get back to her.”

We were able to get Chilly the funds to get home to his wife. But he reminded us how easy it is to end up on the streets because of a medical emergency. Be kind to people, because you never know when it could be you on the other end of your words.

LBW Team

Meet Cowboy + 11Alive

Meet Cowboy Don.

He lost his job five years ago after he got an infection in one of his eyes that he was unable afford medical treatment for. He lost his eye and his job and has been homeless ever since. Don spends his days drawing pieces of art and selling them on the street corner. Every single day he has to raise $60 dollars to stay in a hotel room. We asked him what happens if he can’t raise the $60. “Well sometimes they’ll work with me. Other times I just sleep behind the gas station.”

We’re taking steps with Cowboy Don. The past couple of weeks we’ve been walking alongside Cowboy while learning about his story and needs. This morning we were able to partner with @lizalucaslive and @11alive to tell Cowboy’s story to a larger audience. Cowboy Don is excited about some things we’ve been planning with him. One of our immediate goals is to allow him to take a couple days off so he doesn’t have to sell art every single day in order to survive.

We can’t wait to share more about this with all of you! Thanks to everyone who has reached out about Cowboy Don. He is truly touched by your support.

LBW Team

LBW Coca-Cola Feature

Huge shout out to our Executive Director, Terence Lester for representing Love Beyond Walls in Coca Cola’’s latest tribute commercial!

We have learned over the years that what you do for the community matters (big or small). Every single contribution counts and changes the game for the better.

We’re more than history makers. We’re History Shakers! We’re inspired to keep changing the world for people who are unseen.

You can check out the commercial below. Or, you might catch it on a television somewhere one day soon.

#historyshakers #sponsored

LBW Team

Shorty says, “See me!”

This is our friend “Southside Shorty.” Yesterday we were able to provide him with a few meals and transportation to a local hospital.

Southside is 68 years old and says he’s been homeless ever since he was a child. Trying to survive on the streets is all he’s ever known.

After he told us back in August he walked over 60 miles, from Anniston, Alabama to the West Georgia area, we asked him if that was the hardest part about being homeless. He said no.

“The hardest part about being homeless is when people avoid me or point and laugh. I just want to be cool and meet new people out here.”

LBW Team

2020 is a year of Impact!

You have probably heard, it’s #GivingTuesday. This is a day when people like you come together for a special 24-hour, online day of giving to support nonprofits like Love Beyond Walls.

Please add us to your #GivingTuesday list because we need your help to reach our goal that will support the work we do, transforming lives of people living on the streets and facing poverty.

This month, we will celebrate 6 years as an organization and will position ourselves to educate leaders nationally next year to replicate our efforts.

We cannot do this without your support. Please consider us today and with your end of the year giving!

Thank you for supporting us today and every day!

LBW Team

Love Beyond Walls + Chick-Fil-A

This past week, we got an opportunity of designing a day of professional development for 30 Chick-Fil-A engineers to understand homelessness and poverty in our world.

We were honored to serve with an organization like Chick-Fil-A and these engineers and through our Dignity Museum.

It means so much to teach, educate, and mobilize people from all walks of life to “see” and love those on the margins of society.

Thanks Chick-Fil-A!

LBW Team

Book Launch – “I See You” is Here!

Last week’s launch of “I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People” at Barnes & Noble was a huge success!

Here are a few pics of the Launch Day book-signing event, it was a great time!

Thank you to those of you who pre-ordered and supported our story. We’re excited about teaching people what it means to see dignity in others.

You can still purchase your own copy here

LBW Team