We believe real change happens through people like you. An hour a week isn’t a long time for one person and when we compound this number with an army of volunteers, the impact can be massive. Imagine 500 people giving an hour a month. Imagine the direct change one community could see after 500 hours of progressive service. Believe us when we say your one hour can make a huge difference! 

Please check out the various dates you can volunteer with us!

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We are committed to the people that the world passes by each day. Everyone has a story and we are focused on sharing the stories of those struggling with poverty and hardships.


As we lift while we climb we focus on building up those in the communities around us. Help us be the change by giving back to others and volunteering 


Love, kindness and dignity is something that all humans are deserving of. We view everyone as humans first and assess their needs as individuals right after with the goal of unconditional love at the core.


We appreciate any time and talents people like you provide for others who need it the most. 60 minutes a week is all it takes to make a difference. To be a community influencer, click here.