Love Beyond Walls is committed to sharing the stories of the voiceless. Check out some of our production work below to bring attention to the overlooked and voiceless.

What is the poverty crisis and how does it affect my life? Voiceless: A Documentary on Systemic Poverty examines the poverty crisis and gives a first-hand account on what it looks like to be poor in the U.S. As Terence walks from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for this issue, he interviews experts and those experiencing poverty themselves. The film will leave the viewer changed with a question of how they can make a difference.


This short film highlights how Love Beyond Walls started, the homeless epidemic in Atlanta, and the compassion of many volunteers who serve with Love beyond Walls.

It reveals how everyday people are moved to take the love of God to people who are hurting, broken, and voiceless.


LBW will be launching a podcast next year that is dedicated to educate about the realities of the poor. It will focus on stories and interviews of people in the trenches doing the work, as well as provide resources and introduce the listener to new creative projects.

If you know someone who would be a good fit for the podcast, please contact us.


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We are committed to people that the world passes by because we believe the people struggling with poverty and sleeping on the streets have lives and stories that are just as valuable as ours.


As an organization that focuses on building people up, we ask that you consider joining our team by volunteering and getting involved with us during your free time.


We don’t believe that fear has a place to stop us from loving someone. We strive to view everyone as an individual with a story and a hopeful, better future. Humans are humans and we desire to show the same unconditional love to each one of them.


Everything we do is because of generous donors who see value in our impact. We ask you to consider giving financially to our organization. All gifts will be used to continue to do work that reaches people where they are and spread awareness of their stories. To give, click here.