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Meet Cowboy Don.

He lost his job five years ago after he got an infection in one of his eyes that he was unable afford medical treatment for. He lost his eye and his job and has been homeless ever since. Don spends his days drawing pieces of art and selling them on the street corner. Every single day he has to raise $60 dollars to stay in a hotel room. We asked him what happens if he can’t raise the $60. “Well sometimes they’ll work with me. Other times I just sleep behind the gas station.”

We’re taking steps with Cowboy Don. The past couple of weeks we’ve been walking alongside Cowboy while learning about his story and needs. This morning we were able to partner with @lizalucaslive and @11alive to tell Cowboy’s story to a larger audience. Cowboy Don is excited about some things we’ve been planning with him. One of our immediate goals is to allow him to take a couple days off so he doesn’t have to sell art every single day in order to survive.

We can’t wait to share more about this with all of you! Thanks to everyone who has reached out about Cowboy Don. He is truly touched by your support.

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