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Since we silently launched this organization, we have gotten off to a good start. We have successfully partnered with two churches, and five Elementary Schools. We envision being a non-profit/agency that builds bridges between people, raises awareness of societal needs, and collaborates with others to provide solutions for the problems that exist in the world around us. We firmly believe that if Jesus were still walking the earth, He’d be in the trenches doing work, building bridges, and discipling people where they were!

Over the last eight days, we have identified 10 Elementary Schools we are seeking to partner with (for our first social campaign) in 2014, and have officially become a partner with 5 schools:

Riverdale Elementary (Clayton)

Mt. Zion Primary (Clayton)

Fountain Elementary (Clayton)

E. J. Swint Elementary (Clayton)

Harmony Leland Elementary (Cobb)





We still have meetings set up with multiple schools on the list, and are hoping to partner with 5 more schools. If you are reading this, keep our organization in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to take small steps toward resourcing under-resourced students with “uniforms of hope.”

Lastly, if you have any referrals for schools (K-5) who need support, please shoot us an email on our contact page. We cannot do this alone!


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