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documentary critique by rev. neichelle r. guidry, phd

voiceless: a documentary on systemic poverty: is a poignant portrayal of the complexity and humanity of poverty in the United States of America. this documentary illuminates the hypocritical paradox of inequity and disparity in the “land of opportunity.” the primary vehicle for accomplishing this end is through the self-narrated stories of several individuals who are suffering through the imposition of homelessness.

in their own voices, viewers hear of how the problem of poverty is exacerbated by social location. sexism, racism, immigration status, criminal history and generational poverty produce nuanced intersections of suffering, immobility, and hopelessness. through their stories, people like Erica, a single mother of three, weave two common threads through the film. the first common thread is the idea that no one ever desires to be homeless, and the second is the fact that despite their greatest efforts, systems that were built to privilege the wealthy make it impossible for the poor to change their circumstances.

in the wake of the “tax cuts and jobs act,” these people and their stories are the clarion calls to conscious advocacy, self-surveillance of privilege and doing justice. enter Terence Lester, the starter of Love Beyond Walls. in this film, he gives an insider perspective on his March Against Poverty from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. to advocate for the poor. montages of his daily musings and meetings punctuate the film with images of the costs, challenges and joys of doing justice with and for the poor.

as a clergywoman, i am especially convicted by the critique of the church as an institution that does good only on Sundays, conflates justice with charity, and exchanges the poverty of Jesus for capitalistic prosperity. there is a flailing faith center in the fight against poverty, which is unfortunate because religious traditions, including but not limited to, Christianity, possess the means for leveling economic fields, galvanizing political resources and making lasting transformation. altogether, this documentary is a formidable, motivation, and it calls viewers into the fight. more importantly, it calls viewers into relationship, thereby humanizing the numbers and statistics of poverty through personal engagement with the poor and taking on their pain as our own, to feel and to eradicate.

rev. neichelle r. guidry, phd



About three weeks ago, our organization was offered a distribution deal for our documentary film “Voiceless.”

Although it was a huge opportunity, I (Terence) felt the pressure of having to entrust our message to many people who are not connected to the day-to-day work of fighting for those who are marginalized.

So, instead I (Terence) have chosen to make our documentary free to the public. Many would say this is foolish and insane to turn down a deal, but my heart has always been about educating, equiping, and moving people to care about those suffering with poverty in our country.

Therefore, if you have not seen our documentary and have always wanted to see it you can do so FREE of charge below.

Please read the disclaimer note to support our work!

Disclaimer Note:

After watching this film, you have three options to support Love Beyond Walls:

1) Go directly to our site and make a donation to our cause. Your support helps us to continue fighting poverty and homelessness (

2) Download a free 22 page workbook on our site at ( to get next steps and continue the conversation on poverty.

3) Share this film as it is an important message in our country.

Voiceless Screening Recap – Victory World Church/Fusion

On October 3rd, 500+ young adults gathered to watch our “Voiceless” documentary at Victory World Church in Fusion ATL – Check out a quick video that has initial responses from young adults that watched the film. Powerful.

To learn more or watch our documentary, please visit

Voiceless Screening Recap – Victory World Church/Fusion from Love Beyond Walls on Vimeo.

LBW Team


Below is a list of ongoing “Voiceless” screenings in Atlanta, GA and in other parts of the U.S. You are welcome to visit here often to get updated times and places as we continue to get this film out more.

LBW Team


Center For Civil & Human Rights

Atlanta, GA — August 25th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary for the first time at The Center For Civil & Human Rights at 6pm.

Lights of Liberty Movie Theater

Liberty, KY — September 3rd

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at Lights of Liberty Movie Theater in Liberty, KY at 3pm & 5pm.

Genesis Church

Orlando, FL — September 17th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Genesis Church in Orlando, FL at their 10am service.

West Ridge Church Staff 

Atlanta, GA — September 20th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA at their staff meeting.

Atlantic Station — Midtown Bridge Church

Atlanta, GA — September 24th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with The Midtown Bridge Church in Atlanta, GA at their 10am service (in Atlantic Station)

Victory World Church – Fusion

Atlanta, GA — October 3rd

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Fusion at Victory World Church.

Covenant House Staff

Atlanta, GA — October 12th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Covenant House Staff.

Wheat Street Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA — October 25th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at the Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA at their 5pm service.

Powder Springs UMC

Powder Springs, GA — November 5th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Powder Springs UMC in Powder Springs, GA at 5pm.

Columbia Theological Seminary

Decatur, GA — November 16th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA at 7pm.


32 Days Away!

We are officially 32 DAYS AWAY from launching our “Voiceless” documentary at The Center For Civil & Human Rights.

We have officially completed a workbook that will accompany the documentary to help people process the content and take next steps to get involved in their local communities.

Below is a sneak peek of the workbook! People will be able to use this in a small-group setting and find ways to mobilize and take action.

Notice People – Voiceless from Love Beyond Walls on Vimeo.

LBW Team

Meeting at Center + Second Screening

MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE: Today, we had a meeting with the Center For Civil & Human Rights (@ctr4chr), and learned that we have a few more tickets available.

If you haven’t already, grab some extra tickets before they are all gone again.

If you have a heart for those experiencing homelessness and poverty, this film is for you.

To claim your free ticket, visit

Seats are going fast.

#voicelessfilm #lovebeyondwalls

LBW Team