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Exceeded our goal #projectTHIRST

This weekend, #lovebeyondwalls met and exceeded our water goal for the summer! Schools, individuals, youth, and businesses all chipped in and helped us to meet our goal.

Not only did the contribution this weekend put us over our goal, but it revealed the power of collaboration, and storytelling to accomplish something great for those who we aim to serve.



Dehydration and #projectTHIRST

Dehydration is one of the most common preventable reasons for hospitalization. Lower income families are at an increased risk, due to limited availability of resources. The homeless population, especially in cities with sweltering summer heats like Atlanta, are at an increased risk for dehydration related hospitalization.

People with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, the elderly and the young, have the greatest risk of becoming severely dehydrated, or needing hospitalization.

There are an average of 500,000+ people hospitalized every year for dehydration.

#projectTHIRST is taking donations of fluids to give to the homeless we can reach. To help, please contact us! Remember, just one bottle of water could SAVE a life this summer!


Dehydration story & Homelessness

Most people have asked, “Why in the world are we raising bottled water for the Summer?” Well, we went downtown and interviewed several homeless people about public water access, and found out that it is extremely hard to get water and even harder during the Summer months. Additionally, I almost lost a friend who is homeless due to dehydration, hypertension, and health conditions this year.

Therefore, we chatted with a brother named Skip, and he said that he’s had a struggle trying to get water everyday (even being put out of public places as a homeless person for trying to get water).

Here is a short clip below:

With the lack of public water for homeless people, this quote below by the National Healthcare for the Homeless becomes true:

Heat-related Conditions

“Persons who live on the streets or in shelters are at increased risk for dehydration in warmer climates, particularly during summer months. Be aware that diuretics can exacerbate dehydration and that limited access to water or bathroom facilities may interfere with treatment adherence.”

With these findings, #lovebeyondwalls is vowing to combat homeless dehydration for many homeless people this Summer by providing drinking water. Yep. That simple. Bottled water. If you would like to get involved, check out our flyer [HERE], or contact us.


Heartfelt News & A Mission

The other week, I received horrible news about one of the guys that we worked with that stayed under the bridge (Tent City). When I met him a few months back, he was struggling with his health. Therefore, we got him connected to an agency that provides healthcare, and he was doing well. Well, after they shut down “Tent City” he started to go downhill again.

I just found out that he was hospitalized due to dehydration, and other health conditions. This not only upsets me, but it has me thinking….

Would this have happened if we didn’t lose touch with him and many others that were displaced from living under the bridge.


This morning my heart is heavy, and I feel like we have to do something! Not just for Joe, but for others who may end up in the hospital this Summer!

I wonder how many more homeless men, women, and children do not have access to water in the city… I wonder how many are rushed to the hospital because of dehydration and health conditions… I wonder how many will be rushed to the hospital today…

Well, in honor of my friend Joe we are going to make sure every homeless person we encounter this Summer is hydrated. Please join us in our May campaign to raise water!

We are calling this #projectTHIRST… Below is the image!



Summertime and Hydration

With the summer quickly approaching (finally!), #lovebeyondwalls will be facing new challenges, while trying to serve the homeless in Atlanta. Instead of looking to find ways to help people stay warm, we will need to find solutions on how to keep people adequately cooled and hydrated.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the significance of running water in our homes, but here are some facts to think about:

• More than 6,000 Metro Atlanta people (women, children and men) are without a home on any given day.
• Adult humans need between 11-15 cups of water daily for survival in mild temperatures. When temperatures reach mid-summer Atlanta heights, the need for clean water intake goes up significantly.
• Young children are extremely susceptible to severe dehydration and heat stroke, because their internal temperature regulators are not fully matured.
• There is limited availability for free water in the city of Atlanta, and most of the homeless population will be dehydrated during the summer, many of which will need medical attention for heat stroke or severe dehydration.

While we focus on bringing essential tools, support, and opportunities to the community in Atlanta, we also have to ensure that our dedicated volunteers will have proper hydration during our ongoing projects. In our first three months of operation, we had over 750 volunteers contribute their time to the cause. Our volunteers are at the heart of our operation, and we thank each and every one of them for their time.

If you would like to get involved in any of our projects, whether it’s to volunteer time or to donate goods, please contact us through our “Contact” tab. We are also looking for monthly sponsors at this time, to help us raise the money we will need to continue providing opportunities to the community, and to further make an impact on the homelessness crisis we are facing as a city.

#projectTHIRST  – Launch May, 2014 – Stay involved to learn details on ways to help!