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Closet Strike (May 3rd-July 31st)

On May 3rd, I will start a journey that will be one of the longest journey’s of my life! Probably the most humbling too…. In fact, it will take over 2K hours to complete! But I feel like it is what I am supposed to do…

Why? Because I would like to advocate for children without proper clothing or closets! There are so many children facing poverty or are experiencing “family homelessness” that have to wear the same thing ever single day. Or, they don’t have the proper clothing period.

We have done community work in Title 1 Schools and have encountered so many children who literally wore the same thing every singe day because they didn’t have a choice or a washing machine….

In fact, that’s what this campaign is about… I am literally going to donate every single article of clothing, shoes, etc I own (leaving myself only one outfit), and will walk in the shoes of children across this nation and world who have very few articles of clothing in their closet. Yes, you heard that right… Every single thing I own!¬†

I am going to wear one outfit for 90 DAYS straight to raise awareness, uniforms, and clothing for children facing generational poverty. I’m literally giving up my closet, so children who do not have closets will have one. I will write, post, and update my entire journey via social media to explain the social pressures associated with little (hoping to educate the public about what poverty does to children psychologically). Hopefully, this campaign will enlighten, educate, and move people to respond to the issue of lack.

Why do this? Simple. Over the last several months I have had many experiences that centered around children not having proper attire and experiencing extreme poverty. I have met many homeless mothers that have children who lacked necessities during their hardship/transition, spoken with struggling single fathers who could not afford to purchase basic items for their children to wear, worked in schools and have encountered children (K-5) that have to wear the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY because their family can’t afford to purchase items for them.

I even heard a child say, “Mom, my feet hurt…” because the shoes this 4 year old was wearing shoes that were not his size (while experiencing homelessness)…

I have discovered something in all the stories I encounter that involve children and poverty… Their pains are directly tied to their caregivers, and is not their own fault. As I prepare myself over the next 4 days, I’m reminded of how Jesus not only served people, but gave up his life to reconcile humanity back to God.

Pray for #lovebeyondwalls and our journey with #closetstrike… The artwork is below!

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Third Awareness Campaign (24 DAYS LEFT)!

Today, I’m sitting here thinking about how intense and how long it is going to take me to complete the third 3rd awareness campaign.

In fact, I have shared the idea with many close friends, and some people honestly think it is nuts. Well, I really don’t think it is nuts… I just think it will make a strong statement for all the children who struggle with generational poverty, lack, and broken families. I only have 24 more DAYS left… I will reveal this Sunday what it is…

Pray that this campaign changes others, changes me, and helps us #lovebeyondwalls!


5 Reasons I'm Glad to Be a Father

This morning,

I walked into my son’s room, and just stood over him watching… Of course he was sleeping, but I just stood there in awe that he turned three years of age this morning. Let’s sing….”Happy Biiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrthhhhhh day toooooooo yoooooooou” I’m joking.

2013-09-29 08.36.36-2However, not only did reflect on the privilege I have been given to father both my children, I started to thank God for the opportunity he has given me with my children… God is allowing me to give my children some of the things I lacked growing up (we ALL lacked things…).

As I stood and watched, I jotted down five reasons I am glad to be a father to my children. Do you want to see my list? Here goes:

1) Children need fathers.¬†Fathers have a special precence and voice in the life of a child. A grown man can break down from hearing his father say, “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” after not hearing it all his life… When the voice of a father goes lacking, children are left to rely on other things to fill those voids. Therefore, children need fathers or some type of male presence in their life.

2) Children need models. I’m not perfect by far, but I am glad the I have a chance to share, mentor, teach, and model things in our home that can be gleaned by my children. I truly believe in shared equal responsibilities between a husband and wife, but a father can set the tone for the house in many ways. In fact, it seems like my children attempt to do things that I do already… I’m just glad I have the opportunity not to be perfect before them, but to be before them doing the best I can…

3) Children need support. When children grow up without the proper support system, it’s easy to be emotionally damaged, or lose a sense of direction and self. A father can play a huge role in this area lending their voce, experience, and unconditional love to his child(ren)…This can provide guidance, wisdom, and insight along the way.

4) Children need time. Of course we all have busy schedules, technology, calendars, and a number of other things to do, but quality time from a father helps the child feel that “love” is present. I love interacting with my children because it lets them know that they are both special and valuable.

5) Children need a spiritual foundation. As a father, I am glad that I have a chance to not only model but teach and redirect. I have leaned a lot from bumping my head, and making wrong decisions. All of that experience enables me to teach my children what to do, and what not to do… With that being said, I am making it a priority to make sure they develop a spiritual foundation and learn about the God of the universe. Why? Because even though my wife and I are there, it is God almighty that will unfold their lives.

With that being said, I am grateful that I am a father to Zion Joy & Terence II!