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Love Beyond Borders

This morning (5AM), I woke up to this picture!







A month ago, we partnered with a 5th grade class to ship shoes to orphans in India… Well, the package arrived¬†yesterday.







With the help of these young generous givers we were able to provide shoes for 35 shoeless orphans, and 7 adults that care for them from Faith India Ministries. It is amazing knowing that this box of shoes traveled from College Park to India to resource people we may never meet.

Love Beyond Walls is officially overseas…#lovebeyondwalls¬†#lovebeyondborders


Love in India

We are excited about partnering with India Faith Ministries in India to resource many kids with shoes who don’t have any at all. This will kick off our #lovebeyondborders initiative to share the love of God with people across the globe. Thank you so much for your contribution to our #givemilesaway campaign!

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Below I received an email from the kids the other day saying, “THANKS!!!” Not only did this warm my heart, but it is reminding me of how God loves every single person on this planet.

Keep praying for #lovebeyondwalls