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Become An Early Reader + I See You Book

A Personal Request

Hey guys, this is Terence!

As you know, I’ve been leading LBW in the trenches for years.

In five years, we have worked to assist over 300 people to transition out of homelessness. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot and it has not been easy.

Last year, I was approached by a publisher, InterVarsity Press, to write about my experiences while leading this organization and things I’ve observed in helping people to transition out of poverty and homelessness.

Immediately, I started writing a book called I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes To Invisible People and now I’m exactly 48 days from releasing it into the world.

The book itself will be used to advance the work we do with Love Beyond Walls and many proceeds from it will go back to Love Beyond Walls.

It would be my honor if a few of you would join the book launch team to help spread the word. If you join, we will send you an advanced digital copy of the book and you’ll get a chance to become an early reader.

I hope you will join me in helping us spread the word about what it means to take LBW and see people and love them fully.

You can sign up HERE and fill out the form to get the advanced digital copy.