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Big Give Away – Give Love Away!

One month ago, our organization was donated this car from a generous medical doctor. The doctor has chosen to remain anonymous, and the car only needs minor repairs (it runs).

However, we’ve decided to make this car our first “Give Love Away” gift. We are looking for a family or individual to gift this vehicle to that needs a push. Someone in need who could really use this vehicle to get ahead in some way. We are not interested in giving this car away to anyone who really doesn’t need transportation.

How to apply:
—Submit a story for someone else. If you have a story of someone who could benefit from this vehicle, submit it on their behalf by visiting our contact page and sharing their story or emailing us at
—Tag an organization or someone. Tag an organization or someone that may have a story to submit on behalf of someone else.

Please do not inbox us personally about this as we receive many requests already.

We are taking the first ten stories and will select the person or family that we feel this vehicle will best serve. We will select the recipient by May 10th (one week from today).

LBW Team