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Five Questions You Must Ask Yourself!

This morning, I’m reflecting on what made me take the step toward going homeless to raise awareness… Believe it or not, it was a list of five questions I asked myself concerning my purpose and direction. I asked myself these questions to gain clarity, and narrow in on what I feel God was calling me to (my area of service)!

Are you searching for clarity when it comes to direction in life? Below are five simple questions you can ask yourself that will push you to think deeply and reflect about where you are headed and what you should get involved in.

  1. Where am I? (This will cause you to reflect on the realities of where you are)
  2. Where am I going? (This will cause you to reflect on your desired destination)
  3. Do I have a map? (This will cause you to reflect on what steps are needed to get to where you are going)
  4. Whose going with me? (This will cause you think about what people are needed to mentor, guide, and support you on the journey)
  5. When do I start? (This will cause you to set a start date & time on when you will take the first step(s) toward where you’d rather be)


If you are to continue gaining clarity about your life’s direction, you’ll have to wrestle with these questions at various places and seasons in your life. Why? Because questioning causes you to gain more clarity, and God uses clarity to direct paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

By thinking deeply about these questions, not only was #lovebeyondwalls born, but my focus areas and passions where made clear.

I’m not raising awareness for myself, I have chosen to raise awareness to help others. When I die, I want to leave this earth knowing I did not consume, but gave!