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Love Beyond Walls Reaches India

Partners make impact stronger!

We recently partnered with Northwestern Benefit to launch a computer lab in India for FIM (Faith India Ministries). It was amazing to see our mission team partners land on the ground to deliver computers and other items to serve orphans. We count it a privilege to serve kids that will use the internet for the first time in their lives. Below are a few pictures!

A huge thank you to everyone that continues to support our work locally and around the world.13782244_728531657250280_5455607477303646785_n

LBW Team

Love Beyond Borders

This morning (5AM), I woke up to this picture!







A month ago, we partnered with a 5th grade class to ship shoes to orphans in India… Well, the package arrived yesterday.







With the help of these young generous givers we were able to provide shoes for 35 shoeless orphans, and 7 adults that care for them from Faith India Ministries. It is amazing knowing that this box of shoes traveled from College Park to India to resource people we may never meet.

Love Beyond Walls is officially overseas…#lovebeyondwalls #lovebeyondborders


Kids Helping Kids!

Today, we got a chance to connect with Chatham Hill Elementary School and Ms. King’s 5th Grade class… These  students took it upon themselves to raise tons of shoes to support over thirty orphans in India (cared for by Faith India Ministries).

Not only is this awesome, but it was an opportunity to educate students on needs that exist in society and the world! Below is a picture of the kids uniting with the #lovebeyondborders wristbands.

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