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The gift of a pillow!










Everybody who is homeless is not an addict, junkie, and does not have a mental illness. For the last two months, I have spent time befriending many homeless men and women in my city, and what I am finding out is that some of them had life altering events to occur that was too overwhelming for them to handle (without the proper support system).
The man I met today has been living on the streets for four years (literally sleeping on the streets). His name is Kurt. He told me to call him “Kurt dog!” I asked him, “Why won’t you leave, and go and get help?”

He responded, “I have no where to go… every since my wife died four years ago, I lost every thing.” I believe in this guy, and Jesus does too.

Kurt has inspired me to do the most daring thing I have ever done in my life! I will post later this week.