DAY 1 – Give Love Away Challenge

For the month of February, we’re posting a challenge everyday (29 days) encouraging our followers to intentionally ‪#‎giveloveaway‬ with an act of kindness. Today is DAY 1. We challenge you to post something positive and challenge the negative post(s) we see on our timelines.


LBW Team

Flint Water Update – Love Beyond Walls

Last week, we rallied tons of people in two and a half days and raised 20K bottles of water to take to Flint. We partnered with a local church in the community to distribute the water directly to people who hadn’t received any major help from larger organizations.

In fact, we met a man who hadn’t used his own faucet water in over two years. Since making the trip, Bank of America, Plato’s Closet, and many other people have pledged water for our second trip on Feb 8th.

Below are a few pictures and a video from our last trip. If you would like to donate, drop cases of water off at our offices between now and Feb 8th.








LBW Team

Water for Flint!

This week, we made a special connection with a local pastor in Flint (Shiloh Baptist Church), and have vowed to work with him in serving the elderly that have yet to be served by major agencies.

In act, he stated that “The need was great still.”

We’ve partnered with the CoalitionDJs and a couple churches to raise water to transport this Wednesday. In fact, we can’t wait to take love to Flint! We are still collecting until Wednesday if you’d like to give water.


LBW Team