Gather Atlanta – June

We had a great time taking #lovebeyondwalls to the heart of the city this past Gather Atlanta! 

We were able to love our community well, build relationships, and help those living without homes connect with resources needed to move forward. Our volunteer “Doers” are the best around, and did a wonderful job of serving!

We believe our most important work is in creating safe spaces where people who have been made to be “outsiders” can start to feel like “insiders” and are welcomed.

Thank you for serving with us at Gather Atlanta, where the doors are opened for all!

Our next Gather Atlanta will be June 22nd! You can sign up to serve here.

LBW Team

CNN Espanol’ + Dignity Museum

Since opening, we’ve had over 500 guests visit our Dignity Museum project (It’s been less than two months).

It’s been amazing! We recently did an interview with CNN Espanol’ to discuss homelessness as a global issue. We can’t wait to share what’s coming up soon.

LBW Team

Dignity Museum – LBW

Dignity Museum – LBW from Love Beyond Walls on Vimeo.

March 23rd starts another chapter for our organization with a project/program we are launching called, Dignity Museum.

We are grateful for every person that believed in this project from the beginning. We plan on educating students and any person(s) that wants listen and hear a perspective that is often forgotten.

To learn more, visit

LBW Team

Dignity Museum Exterior Design!

This past week, we completed the outside design of our shipping container! This was a huge step in creating a space where the voices of those who are unheard will be heard.

The decals tell a story! The phrase “Experience The Forgotten” makes a bold statement that invites people to hear the struggles, hopes, and fears of those who are experiencing homelessness.

We are literally less than two months away from launching Atlanta’s first traveling museum that represents homelessness and poverty.

Are you excited with us? Check out some of the update pictures below.

We are still in need of an additional $2500 to finish the technology inside, but are confident some generous person(s) will step up before our launch date. Click [HERE] to donate.

Check out the progress below!

LBW Team

Dignity Museum Launches March 23rd!

The time has finally come! We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of Dignity Museum! We can’t wait for a select number of people to be the first individuals to experience this museum.

Our launch date is March 23rd!

We’re hoping to make a big splash by educating and mobilizing people to step up and love their neighbors. We will launch with interactive technology and iPads, plus a special exhibit.

Sign up here to reserve one individual ticket for each person attending the launch. Spots are limited and are going fast!

LBW Team