Flint Water Update – Love Beyond Walls

Last week, we rallied tons of people in two and a half days and raised 20K bottles of water to take to Flint. We partnered with a local church in the community to distribute the water directly to people who hadn’t received any major help from larger organizations.

In fact, we met a man who hadn’t used his own faucet water in over two years. Since making the trip, Bank of America, Plato’s Closet, and many other people have pledged water for our second trip on Feb 8th.

Below are a few pictures and a video from our last trip. If you would like to donate, drop cases of water off at our offices between now and Feb 8th.








LBW Team

Leader Gathering – Jan 9th

Our last leader session (for our first group) will happen on the Jan 9th! Starting in February, we are going to start a new leader class.

If you are interested in learning how to lead well in what you start, hit us up at info@lovebeyondwalls.org – We are looking for 15 more leaders to train!


LBW Team

First Art Show – Dignity Art

Love Beyond Walls will have its first “Dignity Art Show” to showcase pieces of art created by brothers who are homeless in the city of Atlanta!

Not only will the art be auctioned off, but will employ brothers who designed the pieces of art. We are looking to launch a program to aid brothers and sisters who desire dignity, responsibility, and work!


LBW Team

Surpassing our goal

Yesterday, we reached a goal that many thought was impossible! We hit our annual goal and made over 275 people in less than four months with the Mobile Makeovers bus!

After two and a half months of laboring to get the bus ready, the bus hit the road in May and has been giving people dignity since that historical month!

Today, we will begin to blow this goal out of the water by making more people over and connecting people to resources that will help them become self-sufficient!

Below is a picture of our 275th makeover! Thank you if you gave to this project!



LBW Team